Progress Continues in my Office

This weekend I was not nearly as productive as planned – it was cold and snuggles were required. I really am not ready for this cold weather and it seems to be slowing me down more than ever this year.

I think I have the closet ready to go once I get my household binders completed and added to the shelf. Will have room on the top shelf for some storage items but won’t fill it unless necessary. The other half of the room still looks like a hot mess but most of this stuff will need to be relocated.

Keeping myself accountable,



I love podcasts – that’s actually an understatement when you consider I can listen to over 8 hours of podcasts on any given day.  I have favorites about beekeeping, random news, and other self help topics and I have found a new one that has me completely hooked. Organize365 is an awesome podcast about organizing your home and increasing your productivity hosted by Lisa Woodruff a organization and productivity specialist from Ohio.  This lady is so insightful, honest, and fun to listen to but most importantly she has solutions that make sense.  If you have a little free time in the car or while working out or  maybe even cleaning house I would highly recommend giving a listen.  You can find her on Apple Itunes, Stitcher or check out her website here to see the most listened to podcasts .

So with all of the listening I have been doing, she has 303 episodes available and yes I am slowly working on listening to them all, I have been motivated to get moving on some of my “hot messes”.  Case in point – my office.  The closet in this room was so crammed full of stuff I was honestly too embarrassed to even take pictures but this is about where I was starting from once I got it emptied.  It is such an easy dumping ground in our house and any new hobby I have seems to land here first.508d3f9d-bb43-4161-b632-acd7525b5323-1

When the closet doors were shut and the current projects were put away this room actually looked pretty good but it wasn’t functioning like I know it can. So I am working through getting things decluttered, determining what the room will be used for, organizing the items that will be kept here, and prettifying things.

So far I have moved out some furniture to make a little room, painted the closet, installed flexible shelving, purchased an expandable table to crafting, and moved my embroidery machine and supplies into the closet.

Still working on moving around items to be more efficient but this is progress. Looking forward to sharing more and more progress as I am working through the house to bring a little more order and finish up many projects.

Check out the awesome podcast that helped inspire and motivate me to get moving.

Happy Listening,


Happy Birthday Grandma Scheidler

This weekend we were so fortunate to celebrate Cory’s maternal Grandmothers 97th Birthday. She is the most down to earth, genuine, beautiful person and truly is the heart of the family.

I remember the huge loss I felt when loosing my maternal Grandma when I was 12 because she was “that Grandma”. The one who always had fun things to play with, shared her love of books, and was always so happy to see any her grandkids. I know she must have been watching out for me when two years later she gave me my “new grandma”. Her heart always has room for one more and for the last 23 years she has been one of my rocks. Unfortunately for Cory she also always encourages me to get more dogs.

Cory and I can only hope that in 50 years we can look back on life as well lived as this lady. Wishing her the happiest of Birthday’s and so much love from both of us.

Have a Wonderful Sunday,


Beautiful Evenings in the field

The weather this week has been perfect if only it would stay light out a little longer. We have spent time walking the field looking at all of the late summer blooms filled with busy bees.

Honey Bees were busy working ragweed, sunflowers, and other blooms.

Found this little girl busy taking in nectar while having pollen packed into her pollen baskets – she will have a heavy load to bring back to the hive.

Also found a Drone (boy bee) hanging out in the shade

The last rush seems to be on for the bees as they get the most out of the last resources available before fall hits and the hives will snuggle in for colder weather.

Keeping Busy,