Happy Birthday Grandma Scheidler

This weekend we were so fortunate to celebrate Cory’s maternal Grandmothers 97th Birthday. She is the most down to earth, genuine, beautiful person and truly is the heart of the family.

I remember the huge loss I felt when loosing my maternal Grandma when I was 12 because she was “that Grandma”. The one who always had fun things to play with, shared her love of books, and was always so happy to see any her grandkids. I know she must have been watching out for me when two years later she gave me my “new grandma”. Her heart always has room for one more and for the last 23 years she has been one of my rocks. Unfortunately for Cory she also always encourages me to get more dogs.

Cory and I can only hope that in 50 years we can look back on life as well lived as this lady. Wishing her the happiest of Birthday’s and so much love from both of us.

Have a Wonderful Sunday,


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