Annual Corn Weekend

One of my favorite harvest weekends every year is our corn processing weekend. My Mommo (Mary Burns) is the crew leader for this day long event of cutting, cooking, and storing freezer corn. This year was a little different as we decided to can a good portion of the crop as we still had some leftover from last years event. Our corn crop this year was much smaller than normal as about half of our seed got washed out but we were still able to harvest enough to have a good supply for the coming year. In total we were canned 4 1/2 gallons of corn and made 3 gallons of freezer corn.

Freezer corn is one of our favorite side dishes and we often bring it to holidays because even the kids will eat this vegetable. It stays good in the freezer with no worries of freezer burn because it is wet packed and all you have to do is warm it on the stove to eat – no seasonings needed. This is Mommo’s freezer corn recipe that alway turns out perfect.

Freezer Corn

  • 16 cups Fresh Corn – clean cobs and cut off corn
  • 4 cups Water
  • 1 Stick Butter (1/2 cup)
  • 3 tsp Salt
  • 3 Tbsp Sugar

Place items in large pot over a medium heat. Once it begins to boil lower heat to keep corn at a low boil for 8 minutes. If your corn is very ripe shorten the time you boil the corn to as few as 4 minutes. Remove corn from heat and place pot in sink of cold water or transfer corn into bowl surrounded by ice. You want to cool the corn quickly to stop it from over cooking. Once cooled package in plastic freezer container or any plastic food containers – we like to use cottage cheese and sour cream containers for corn we will be giving away so they container can just be recycled and doesn’t need to be returned. You want to make sure there is a light “skim layer” of liquid over the corn to help prevent freezer burn. Place in freezer for up to a couple years.

To serve simply heat and eat. If I am making it for a meal and it is frozen I will put it in a kettle with a couple tablespoons of water to prevent burning over medium/low heat, covered. As it starts to thaw I scrape off to help speed the thawing process. Once warm it is ready to eat.

My Mommo is an amazing gardener and I remember all of the work she would put into canning and preservation every summer and fall when I was a child. As we increase our canning and preserving every year I truly appreciate all of the effort she put into creating yummy food for us. I will never know how she was able to do it all but I thank her so much for giving me the foundation to grow from.

May your Harvest be Bountiful,


Happy 13th Birthday Miss Molly

It’s hard not to love Molly with her radar ears, cowboy walk, bossy nature, and ability to make a bed out of anything. She must have your attention but WAIT – only one hand please as this girl is much too independent to want to be carried around.

At 13 she is still a Wild Animal (name given to her by her favorite neighbor) and we love that most about her. Happy Birthday to our happiest little weirdo!

14 Years Ago Today…

My shadow changed; it gained 4 legs, two pointy ears, and a bunny tail.  She was almost two years old and was coming into the rescue I worked with but they needed a foster home.  We were able to take another and I picked her up in Hudson, WI at the Target.  She was scared and so very little.  I stopped at Culvers to grab a grilled cheese sandwich we could share on the drive home.  Looking back this was an indication of how my life was going to be from then on – if I am eating and she sees then it must be shared.

Noni 1

She is my constant companion and best buddy always watching to see where I am and what I am doing. Looking back over the last 14 years neither of us looks as young as we once did and we both move a little slower but this little girl just gets better every day. Happy Gotcha Day Noni

noni 2.jpg

We’ve Been Busy Bees

Or should I say busy with bees. We increased the ranch population by roughly 16,000 new workers this season. Our first hive (top box) was a three pound package of bees that is roughly 10,000 worker bees and one queen and the second hive (bottom box) is a two pound package which holds around 6,000 workers and one queen. Last week Monday I picked up the packages from my bee club and with the help of Dad Burns got them installed in their new homes.

With the warmer weather last week they had a couple good days of bringing in pollen but have been quite as the temperature dropped. We are looking forward to watching our little pollinators expand this summer.

Mother Nature’s Curve Ball

The snow piles were almost gone but Mother Nature thought that after the year it has been we might as well shatter the Snowiest Winter on record with another 12 inches if snow making our year total 98.7 inches. The question now is do we pray for another 1.3 inches so we can break the 100 mark of do we just let a sleeping dog lie?

With the cold temps in this last snowstorm the trees have been revived and the sap was flowing the last couple days like no other. Cory was busy this weekend cooking off the 80 gallons collected this week and we anticipate we will have one more weekend of syrup as the sap is still flowing well. The year to date total has us at 5 gallons of syrup bottled and ready to go.

Maple is in the Air


Weekend #2 of maple syrup making is in the books here on the hill.  Processed another 60 gallons of sap collected in the past week.  With snow in the forecast this week we just might have another week of sap production to add to our year total of 2 gallons thus far.



Evenings have been busy working on a gift for the future baby Burns of Josh and Beth Burns.  The finished blanket was a success.